i missed my alarm clock a person who has been acting very immature by ignoring me for the past 3 weeks spoke to me several times today i almost asked if they weren't well but decided against it my horse got his spring vaccinations the weather was beautiful with blue sky and passing clouds it was breezy and slightly cool if you stood in the shade but wonderfully warm in the sun when i got home this afternoon i made an instant coffee i poured the hot water into the mug very slowly for some reason and then was drawn to the beautiful dark brown swirls of the coffee and foam as the cup slowly filled to see me looking into the mug like that one would think that i'd never seen anything like it before i have a childlike fascination with the simplest of things i belong outside doing simple work i will pick things up in the street to see them up close i might keep them or not i often have the company of animals instead of the company of people i will listen to a song many times over if it has a base or drumbeat that i like like a moth to the light i pick up colorful moths at the stables and put them in a safe place if they are living sometimes i will take them home if they have died it seems a shame not to admire their beauty