The pets

My dear animals are not feeling well and are in and out of the vet's office this week. My cockatoo had a minor repair done yesterday and she is doing better now, although very unhappy with the collar she has to wear. My dog is scheduled to go in to surgery next Tuesday to remove a growth from his paw. :( Poor old guy. It's sad to see one's animals getting old. I've had my parrot about 20 years, and my Australian cattle dog is 13 years old.

You know when you've got the right spot

"Right there, right there... no, lower.. now a little to the left, that's it. Oh you're too far over, go back to the other side, yeeeessssss!! Scratch harder, harder, right there, ahhhh." Desperado (on left) comes over to see what Aristoitle is so ecstatic about.

Nice day for a ride

Here she is.. a pintail bamboo deck with nice flex, 70mm 75a wheels.


think I'm going to buy a longboard soon. Yeah, watch out here I come, wild woman on the loose.