Daily Parelli

I have crawled out from beneath my rock to find that Parelli Natural Horsemanship has a blog.

Visit Daily Parelli to learn what Natural Horsemanship is all about.

Parelli logo used without permission and copied from Daily Parelli website.


Make twitter. The magazine also has a blog.

The image is from the twitter blog background.

Thanks to Poopeeshmoopee's twitter for this. :))

Top 100 foods- and no, you can't haz cheezburger.

To see a larger picture of this click here.

Thanks to Absolute Valency for posting this.

How to waste pass time creatively

The symmetry tool in this drawing program called Sumo Paint is pretty cool. I made these on my laptop w/o the use of a tablet and stylus. Drawing with a stylus would be much easier. I managed to spend plenty of time doodling online the other day. Check out Sumo Paint and become a slacker like me.

And speaking of being a slacker... the Santa Fe pics aren't up b/c I've not downloaded them from the camera. I'm mildly paranoid that if I post nice pictures some troll will grab them and use them for themselves. Paranoia or valid concern???