Exhibit A:
The tailless, purring, drooling, leg kneading orange kitty by the name of Cinnamon, a.k.a. Curry Cat, or, Not My Cat, enjoying a visit in the cab of my truck this afternoon.


Not much to write about on account of work, and coming home tired and feeling uninspired. My blogger friends have been busy though and I am caught up on reading their recent posts.

Several people have left our store.. not a good sign. One side of the story says that management isn't taking care of it's employees- no raises, etc. So they've gone for other jobs which will pay more. I've been told that our manager would rather have quantity over quality.. so I guess that means we'll be hiring a bunch of young college kids dweebs who just won't care about their job. This means extra work all around as stock rooms remain chaotic, and the ordering system has gone haywire. Not good. I haven't even been there 90 days yet and I'm starting to dread what the future may bring.

Time to get ready for work now. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and spending time with two of my best friends: