Quote of the Week

The following quote comes from the blog of oakparkmastermind. The post is titled he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts

i'm obsessed with books. if i could marry fictitious novels i would but i would totally be a philanderer and have sordid affairs with periodicals and biographies.

You can't stop it

I don't like the change. My internal thermostat isn't following along with the shorter days. It does not know that the highs tomorrow will be 57 degrees Fahrenheit. At night I shiver in bed under a polar fleece blanket and down comforters, wearing socks and spectacularly non-sexy but cleverly decorated flannel pajamas - breakfast motif on my shirt, and numbered sheep jumping fences on the bottoms.

One would think that I'd suffer from insomnia caused by my pajama outfit decorated with toasters, bagels, coffee pots, and sheep but that's not the case. So there I am all decked out in flannel ready to sleep and I can't. I'm cold... cooooolllddd I tell you. It's not time to use the heater just yet, so I will have to make do with the layering system I've developed and perhaps consider wearing a polar fleece cap.

I felt so at home in Iceland.


The wheels are in motion?

A new blog hatches today.
Who would want to read this bunkum? I don't know.. maybe I'll find some fans. Besides I understand that rot makes good compost. So join me on my mental composting journey, won't you? I may disappoint you, but I might also entertain, and inspire you with my wit and observations of the world around me.