"Okay.. quiet please"...

I went out for a walk today and came across this. I didn't have the good camera with me so I used the cell phone to capture the dozens of people standing around behind the scenes of this shoot. I want a job standing around behind the scenes of a t.v. shoot! Actually, no I don't. I'd be bored out of my mind. I would need to keep busy by checking for continuity of the shot or something.

In this first picture the action is taking place across the street near the brick archway.
Watching the taping at one of the monitors.
The chairs have Roomates written on them. I just looked it up and Wicki says it has been canceled?
In this picture the action is to the right of the lighting set up. When we left they were doing a 4th take on the same scene.. I think it was probably more like take 15 or higher.