Workin' in a coal mine goin' down, down, down

Not long ago I was given the responsibility of placing the order for the candies we carry in our store. Each check out area has a set of shelves with chocolate bars, etc. and I'm trying to organize all the displays so that they each have the same products. Sounds easy, but when I am off for a few nights things tend to get mixed up and messy because other people don't take as much time putting candies in their proper place. It's kind of like building sand castles too close to the water's edge... minus the sand and water, if you catch my drift.

So because I've been such a good, hard worker (in my humble opinion), staying late and organizing candy displays I have decided to treat myself to a present. The non equestrian readers won't be too excited by this.. and, well, maybe some of you equestrian types won't be either.
So what.
My blog.
My stirrups.
I recently ordered these MDC Ultimate stirrups. They have a swiveling top portion that the leathers feed through. This swivel top enables the stirrups to hang at 45 or 90 degree angles instead of flat against the horses' side. These stirrups also have a safety hinging mechanism at the bottom so that the foot will be released if a rider were to fall off the horse. I chose the black ones to match my black saddle and leathers. Feast your eyes:

My other recent purchase for the saddle is the addition of a few shims for my Theraflex saddle pad. Aristoitle is lacking muscle tone on his back, and I want to be sure that the saddle isn't bridging his back anyplace.

That's it for this installment of Fun in Flatland. Next time you are in the check out aisle of your local market, remember there is a person who tries to keep all the candy organized and well presented- so if you are changing your mind about buying that Toblerone chocolate bar put it back in the right spot for crissakes... you never know.. I could be watching you.

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The day went something like this...

Went to bed at 3:00 AM, woke up at 9:30 AM, went to Dr. to have my sore throat checked and cultured. Went to an undisclosed location for M's B-day present, got some lunch, and then spent 4 hours with Aristoitle. The best part of the day was the 4 hours with Aristoitle. .. oh, and finding out that I don't have strep.

I saw one of my art teachers on t.v. tonight.. way to go P! He is the kind of teacher that's there when you need him, but otherwise lets you do what you want as long as he sees you're not a flake. I had the best time in his classes.

My pup gets his stitches removed from his paw tomorrow morning. His foot has healed up very nicely and one can tell that he feels good all over because he is bright eyed and smiley again.

I have realized that I spend WAAAAYYY too much time on the Internet reading other peoples blogs and surfing. Time to clean up around here... my office looks like its been ransacked.

Interesting reading

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Bought a book on sketching

I recently bought a 'learn to sketch' book referred by an artist whose drawings I like, thinking that I would like the other artist's sketches as well. Boy was I wrong. I don't like this other guy's work at all! This was an Internet buy, so I wasn't able to check it out in the same way one can look thru books in Amazon- even though it was a 3rd party buy through Amazon. Just sharing my disappointment.