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Also In Yesterday's Mail..

I also got an issue of Craft Magazine in the mail yesterday. This is a Japan Style "Super Cute" issue.. so if you like those little kitties on the cover and similar make-it-yourself style cutness this is your magazine. Make magazine also has lots of cool stuff to make, but projects often tend to be more on the techie-geeky side.. which is okay... but they don't give enough explanations with the projects for those people who are not too familiar with electronics for example. Both magazines are cool, and even if I don't make anything from the Craft magazine it always inspires me to start drawing and planning projects. There is an article in Craft about scanning art from existing t-shirts and then tweaking it to make your own. The shirts are called C shirts.. and while the URL I am trying to link to isn't working one can go there by pasting this:

The page loads in Japanese, but there is some English there as well.. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet. I think it's a good idea to get one's art out there.

If you like Blythe dolls there is an article in Craft about them dollies also.. So there ya go.

If you make anything from either Craft or Make magazine send me a link -I'd like to see what you made.

In Yesterday's Mail

Here are some t-shirts I just got from Palmer Cash. I thought I'd get these while I can still wear them since I'm not that old yet. Besides..

I like Day of The Dead art.


Skulls sticking out their tongues seems to have gone out of vogue.. I'm here to bring it back.


Because everyone is a comedian, and that includes me.

and lastly...

"milk health for joy".. oh those kooky Japanese. Too bad it is printed on cheap cotton -I could win a wet t-shirt contest in this one without it even being wet. Sigh.

Meeting Aristoitle

This afternoon I took my friend from work over to meet my horse. She had told me that she has never been close to a horse before. I could tell that she wanted to pet him but was nervous about it, so after seeing my horse up close and feeling safe on the other side of the fence from him she offered to touch his neck. He patiently stood there and let her stroke his soft, still winter-furred neck. After a few minutes of being around him she fed him a few apple slices and then helped me brush him. Her look says it all. :-)