Meeting Aristoitle

This afternoon I took my friend from work over to meet my horse. She had told me that she has never been close to a horse before. I could tell that she wanted to pet him but was nervous about it, so after seeing my horse up close and feeling safe on the other side of the fence from him she offered to touch his neck. He patiently stood there and let her stroke his soft, still winter-furred neck. After a few minutes of being around him she fed him a few apple slices and then helped me brush him. Her look says it all. :-)


poopee shmoopee said...

i haven't been around horses much either. i think they are really beautiful though. thanks for linking me :)

Rosie said...

Both she and Aristoitle look pretty happy about the situation. Looks like Aristoitle had made a convert...more backrubs for him!