Edamame.. you'll laugh till you cry

UPS visited the house while I was away. I love brown.. too bad he doesn't just show up on a whim though.. you always have to buy something first. Eh, details, details.
Here is my totally goofy key chain I got from ThinkGeek.com
3 Beans in a pod. Each one is retained by a thick elastic band, pops out of the shell and gets pulled back in when you release. Only the middle bean has a face. Mine seems to have tears streaming from its face... tears of happiness. It seems to be a theme of the packaging too.

Kind of like playing the lottery.. you never know what face you will get when you order the oh so fun to squeeze edamame key chain.
Totally unrelated is my new DVD from Jerry "Motorman" Palladino.
Never fear dropping your motorcycle or making that tight u-turn ever again!
These guys make the huge Electra Glide motorcycles look like nimble little fish slithering through a course of cones. Visit his website and see the tip of the week, and watch how they handle those large scoots.

Hello Sunshine

I'm still in California & still being well fed
Maybe there will be one more of these in my near future...

The recipe for this is easy. Toast a frozen waffle, spread on a generous dollop of low/or non fat cottage cheese, cover the cottage cheese with fresh or thawed berries.. presto! Sometimes we sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on the berries, but often they are sweet enough. This makes a great breakfast, or dessert. We often make this for dessert if we've had a light dinner.

My mom has a green thumb.

After I took this picture I realized that these flowers are the manifestations of my mom's personality: sunny, colorful, and cheerful. Thanks for everything, mom! ♥