Post of random photos.

Stare into these eyes and become sleepy, sleeepy, sleeeee... no wait! Keep reading my blog. Stare into these eyes and become hypnotized into reading my blog. Yeah, that's more like it.

Looks like a nice place to take the ol' horse for a walk doesn't it. Lo, city dwellers beware- for this is the gateway to the lair of the blood thirsty tick!! Turn away now while you still can.

Sneaky bastards. Look how this one sits on the grass with its legs splayed out. How improper!.. but effective. He's ready to snag a passerby.

See this one has gotten onto my lead rope and is trying very hard to burrow into it. Meanwhile I spot yet another one walking up my horse's leg. My horse is also swishing his tail, whipping it through the tall grass and then hitting me with it, which I have learned from past experience is a GREAT way to get ticks in my hair. Blech! Time to get out of there.

Now after all that tick nonsense howzabout I get down on the grass and take a worm's eye view of my lawn mower?

Oh, and here is the groundhog I wrote about earlier. He is hiding in his lush landscaped home. It was quite a nice hideout with plenty of tracks leading in and out of the bushes.

This is what it looks like now. How very sad. I haven't seen the groundhog the past few days I've visited the stables.

All this writing about ticks has made me itchy, time for me to shower off the stable dirt and delouse myself.

Not Punxsutawney Phil

This poor guy lost his house this week. For some reason someone decided to bulldoze in the woods and uproot a bunch of bushes and small trees leaving a big scar in the dirt and exposing a messy jumble of roots, dirt, and construction debris. I know the groundhog used to go into these bushes and hide because I was able to observe him several times. I think his den was in that cluster of large bushes too. Now I don't know if he is alive. What was the purpose of that destruction?

I found another blog to read :)

Here is Lucy, a Pionus parrot (Maximiliani). She lives with the author of the blog On The Needles. I hope she doesn't mind my posting her bird's picture here but Lucy is far too sweet looking for me to pass up.


..down goes the hook. Up comes a condom.