Today wasn't the most productive day I've ever had. I sat around the house reading various blogs and changed the look of my own blog. I think I will pull out some of my designs and continue to decorate this web page.

I had an idea to write about the weird things going on at work. I deal with the public and it gives me the opportunity to observe human nature. For example: yesterday I sold many bottles of maple syrup and blueberry syrup, and waffles. What causes us to all think about buying the same thing? Does one person see another getting syrup and thinks -oh yeah good idea. From that point does it become a domino effect of some kind? Then there was the customer who INSISTED on bagging her own groceries even though it meant I stood around doing nothing and she held up the line because she couldn't pay with her debit card, answer all the prompts and bag her groceries at the same time.

And can someone tell me WHY people find it necessary to call me by my first name like we are good friends?? "Hello Mallow, how are you? Oh yes would you please ring up a case of that Sonoma Red Malbec, Mallow? Thank you Mallow, goodbye Mallow". Initially it was the men who were saying my name - usually the over 50 crowd, with a few exceptions- Now I see that more women are doing this too. STOP it!! I know I wear a name tag with my name emblazoned on it.. urgh!

Anyway this sure beats the hell out of sitting in a cubicle all day. I was nearly ensnared in a basement cubicle of a well known magazine not too long ago. People raise their eyebrows when I tell them I turned down that gig- but to me that would have been a death sentence.