Please stand by, all circuits are busy

I am working on the Iceland concert photos and footage for you... I promise. Today though I had to improve my memory hehe. Those of you who know me know this is a good joke.

Okay the memory improvement comes about because I have nearly filled up a Firelight drive with all of my school work which includes lots of digital art, animation, and photos of sculptures. All the raw footage used for the animations is on the drive as well as uncompressed versions of movies and final compressed movies. As you see there is plenty to loose should something go wrong.

Enter the LaCie Rugged hard drive with rubbery orange bumper surrounding a modern, silver body with grid design. A winning combination of style and function. On this drive are 4 outlets: FireWire 800, FireWire 400, Hi-Speed USB, and USB power-sharing. The latter is used in the case of limited bus power on some laptops; in this instance the additional USB power cable can be connected and the hard drive will have more power.

I should be a product photographer :)

After my memory augmentation session I met a hot cat.

A very, very hot cat. He only moved the very tip of his tail, surely moving more than that would have resulted in spontaneous combustion. Poor kitty.

Can't I teleport once.... please?

Here is a screen shot I took from National Geographic's World Music website that advertises the free concert that Sigur Rós and Björk performed today in Reykjavik. I'll post more on this very cool event later.

Click the photo to enlarge.

Don't razz the crab

Not long ago I was telling my friends about a trip my family took to Mexico. I can still remember crossing the Tropic of Cancer, all the beautiful beaches, lots of swimming, and the best treat of all... horseback riding on the beach! Here I am in a faded picture dated 1970-something, horseback riding on the beach wearing a red dress and sandals! I still remember how excited and happy I was about this outing.

After the ride we went out and had a fantastic crab dinner. Did I tell you about that? I didn't? Are you sure? Hey wait.. where are you going? I'm teasing you.. really... it's a joke.
Touchy crustaceans, you can't josh with them.