I feel as though someone has injected me with a sleep inducing, muscle relaxing drug. I woke up this A.M. around 8:30 and was told that I looked tired and should go back to bed, but it was so pretty this morning that I thought I should stay awake and enjoy the outdoors - especially since it is my day off. I lasted all of two hours- even with a cup of coffee. I went back to sleep and slept and slept. Exciting, I know.
Later in the afternoon when I awoke from my sleep stupor I picked up my fluffy, clean, pup from the vet after he had his bath and spa treatment and I went back to sleep AGAIN! Is this day of narcolepsy or something??

I nearly went in to work tonight because I have a bunch of candy coming in, and I want it distributed equally amongst all the displays... but I decided against it. Hopefully my peeps will take care of everything for me...hopefully.

I've been buying a different chocolate bar every few evenings so that I can sample the various items that I order. A few of the candy bars sell so well that I had to find out for myself, and I agree.. they're yummy.