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Ben Jaques is the author of ColorsDraw, a Java based repainting application for paintings done in Colors!. Colors! was developed by Jens Andersson. Check

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More drawing with the DS

Back around Christmas time when I wrote about doodling on my Nintendo DS I may have mentioned that I was waiting to install another drawing program that was a little more sophisticated than what was included in the Brain Challenge game. I finally got the R4 card for the DS.. along with the software to program the micro SD for it as well.

I crossed over to the dark side to use a PC momentarily to program the micro SD card I need for the R4. This process was easy once I watched this little video that some guy made and posted on the web page where I bought the R4. My assistant was along on the assignment as note taker.. together we make an unbeatable team!
Finally up and running this is the first screen you see when you power up the DS. Big THANKS to these guys who made the how-to videos on the R4 card because they saved me from lots of frustration and head scratching in figuring out how to make this run.
Ahh, the Colors program at last! Colors was made by Ben Jacques, and this is his website. If this application interests you and you have a DS or iPhone/ iTouch you can buy the Colors app thru the Apple iTunes store. If you have a Nintendo DS you can download a "lite" version from here.
Once you start the program you see this welcome page. Below is a picture of the color picker, pen size slider, and stylus pressure slider. On the upper part of the DS screen is a diagram of the various tools accessed by the toggle switch or buttons.
Here is a quick sketch of one of my birds. One neat thing that this program does is it records your pen strokes while you draw. After you save the drawing you can press a playback button to see a little movie of how your drawing was made. I can't show that part yet because I don't have the right program on the PC to change a .drw file into an .avi file.
Somewhat blurry, but you get the idea. If I come up with an interesting drawing I'll film it with my digital camera so you can see the movie that the DS records. In the mean time take a look at the Colors gallery and the amazing art that people are creating on their DS, iPhone & iTouch.