Let the pros handle it

So I decided to start a crochet project last night. A skullcap. I think it's ambitious.. but I can probably manage since I've got a total of 48 hours of practice under my belt. Things were going along okay even though I had to keep turning back a few pages in my instructions to remember how to make the double crochet stitch. No problemo I got it at last.

Then I caught a mistake

I need to pull out all the stitches from the marker on the left to the marker on the bottom right. Not such a big deal if you are one of those people who can crochet at the speed of light. I crochet at the speed of molasses. It's a lack of coordination but I'm used to it. By the way the instruction book is from the KLUTZ company. Thanks for adding to my self esteem people!

Is this amusing? Can you say schadenfreude beyotch?!!!
Yeah you too
You're the worst of the bunch!
Oh no... NOT the dog too. Sigh.

Canine humiliation!