Sour grape and whine

This post dedicated to those of you who have co-workers who can't seem to keep out of your personal business and then try to start trouble. Not a big deal really, just someone who has nothing better to do than to bitch and whine about things. I put the kibosh on it the other day. Looser.

This post inspired by Raymi's photo of a guy in shorts, yellow crocs, and leather jacket.

wouldn't it be fun to have a small camera at work in order to be able to capture the fashion faut-pas that come strolling through the door? Oh I could def. have fun with that, but then I'd get fired. So just try to use your imagination.. I will help you get started with the first fashion victim: Female, 60's, New Yorker but living in Florida, tan, wrinkled, lots of gold chains, white shorts, LOW CUT bathing suit and unbuttoned "cover up" shirt... or worse -and I have seen the dark side- NO cover up. Gag. Hahahahahahahaha. Maybe she thought she was too sexy for her shirt. Yes it was so sexy it hurt. ME. I am scarred forever.
camera/hand image grabbed off undocumented web page during my spy cam search.

Rain at last

A pretty good thunderstorm came through this afternoon while I was at the stables. I had taken Aristoitle inside and groomed him while waiting out the rain. Finally the storm passed and I took him back out to graze. He is looking okay considering his easy, pasture pet lifestyle. I know his muscle tone leaves a lot to be desired- but then again he does have an easy life. He finally has shed out his winter coat and he looks sleek and shiny again.

Culinary extravaganza--not.

We went out to dinner tonight. Mexican theme restaurant located in a shopping community = boring. One rung above having strip-mall ambiance. When it comes to dining out around here we have lots of choices if you like going to theme restaurants... No complaints though, as much as I'd love to live out in the countryside I know I'd have NO restaurants there.

After our sumptuous repast we strolled around the shopping centre, and watched as speeding (drunk) drivers left their own theme restaurant & bar.

Since I haven't posted many too many of my photographs lately I thought I'd post this one. I took it near the stables. This is an International truck. I don't know its year, but it has definitely been rotting in the woods a long time.


I dreamed of snakes last night. I was in the lobby of a modern office building that had granite floors and walls, and the snakes kept coming out from under doorways, slithering along the cracks where the walls and floors join. Many of them were long Rat snakes, like the one I saw and had to move out from the barn last week. Then I saw short beige snakes that had front legs so their movement was a combination of a slither and a walk. I had a broom and was sliding the snakes across the smooth floor trying to get them outside but as soon as I got one out there would be two more I had to catch and sweep up.

This website tells me that dreaming of snakes means the following: "This symbolizes evil. As in the original sin, this is a harbinger of trouble."


When it comes to arranging eggplant and bags of salad- I simply kick ass.

I Thought I'd share that with you.