Sour grape and whine

This post dedicated to those of you who have co-workers who can't seem to keep out of your personal business and then try to start trouble. Not a big deal really, just someone who has nothing better to do than to bitch and whine about things. I put the kibosh on it the other day. Looser.

This post inspired by Raymi's photo of a guy in shorts, yellow crocs, and leather jacket.

wouldn't it be fun to have a small camera at work in order to be able to capture the fashion faut-pas that come strolling through the door? Oh I could def. have fun with that, but then I'd get fired. So just try to use your imagination.. I will help you get started with the first fashion victim: Female, 60's, New Yorker but living in Florida, tan, wrinkled, lots of gold chains, white shorts, LOW CUT bathing suit and unbuttoned "cover up" shirt... or worse -and I have seen the dark side- NO cover up. Gag. Hahahahahahahaha. Maybe she thought she was too sexy for her shirt. Yes it was so sexy it hurt. ME. I am scarred forever.
camera/hand image grabbed off undocumented web page during my spy cam search.

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