Changing horses?

Nine days ago I placed an online order for this great sunblock called Anthelios L. I buy it from a Canadian pharmacy website called Feelbest I can't understand why this product is taking so long to ship except to blame it on their version of pony express, except there is nothing express about it. Perhaps they made a stop somewhere in Saskatoon to change horses?

Anyway, Anthelios L is expensive, but it has this ingredient MEXORYL ® SX in a 3.3% formula, which is one of the better broad spectrum UV blockers. It also contains PARSOL® 1789 which you can find in certain Neutragena sunblock products. A dermatologist once told me to look for Parsol as an ingredient in sunblock due to its broad spectrum UV blocking. Since that time though Mexoryl has come out.

Recently Anthelios started selling a moisturizer in the U.S. with Mexoryl in it, but I don't think it contains the same quantity as the Canadian product. Par for the course that our government wouldn't put the same ingredients in products shipping to the U.S. because that would be giving too much of a damn about our health and well being- and that's not what they're about.

I can just hear the FDA arguments.. "it's not safe." Fuckers. Meanwhile, Canadians have been using it for a long time and It has been used in France even longer!

Another benefit to Anthelios L is that seems to be a decent gnat repellent.

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Rosie said...

I really keep the sunscreen people in business. You'll have to let me know how this works.

I'm a wienie for not being over here sooner.

My buddy Elvis Drinkmo has started up a blog you may find interesting. I actually mentioned you to him since you do comics and Orthodoxy.

He's formulating a fundamentalist religious sect based on DC Comics and Star Trek. Do check him out. It's funny, irreverent and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of this stuff.

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