Took some pictures of "Aristoitle" today since he got official bath #1 of summer and was looking nice and shiny this afternoon. What a pig that horse, you should have seen the dark brown water coming off his body. Anyway, this evening it was nice and breezy so he didn't apply his own fly repellent -a.k.a roll in the dirt- when I put him out into his pasture.

I really shouldn't wait so long to go out and see him, but sometimes my days off are so discombobulated that I end up frittering my day away.. or the weather is disgustingly hot and humid as was the case last week. I didn't go to the stables because I just didn't want to deal with the heat.

I used my new stirrups tonight. They feel different- comfortable but different. They also hold my foot in place which is a feeling I'm not used to. I asked 'A' to canter and he did so almost right away without his typical running-off trot first. I added two shims to my saddle pad to change the saddle fit. Aristoitle appeared to like the difference because he trotted around with his head low, like a western pleasure horse. So the saddle is a good fit and allows him to raise his back and stretch as he trots. That was my day off in a nutshell.. hours and hours spent with my horse - the best kind of day off there is.

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