Old post and a trip to Reykjavik

I just edited a really, really old post. Most of my readers haven't gone through much of my archives so I don't know what made me to do that. Speaking of old posts.. in June I had mentioned getting some concert footage posted of the Nátturá concert with Sigur Rós and Björk
but YouTube warns about posting stuff like that so I don't know- maybe I'll play it safe and just show some photos I took of the webcast instead.

The venue: Botanical Garden on Laugavegur
Sigur Rós. Lead vocalist Jón Thor Birgisson

The guys in white are members of a marching band

Makes for an eerie, interesting sound

Björk at right joins Sigur Rós
Björk caught in a cross fade

I took so many pictures of Björk but she was always a blur of motion, or she had her eyes closed and mouth wide open. She might approve of this one.
Sigur Rós means Victory Rose in Icelandic.


Like moths to a flame

Here they come.. no not the waves, the contestants for the annual Darwin awards. This year the contestants are entering the competition from Galveston Texas.

"Onlookers pose for pictures as waves generated by Hurricane Ike crash against the sea wall in Galveston, Texas. The main body of the storm, now rated as Category2 with winds above 100 mph, was expected to hit Galveston late today.
September 12, 2008"
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times. Photographer Larry W. Smith/EPA

"Steve Owen, right, and his son Austin, 13, are swamped by a wave from Hurricane Ike while standing on the sea wall in Galveston, Texas." September 12, 2008
Photograph: L.M. Otero / Associated Press. Los Angeles Times

The hawklette has arrived

Very tired after her trip from the aviary to the vet and home. She is perching up high in her cage and napping. You can read her point of view on the day on her blog.

Misc. from the day

Hey look at this cool sculpture I discovered.

It happens to be the spare tire on my trailer! :D
Vegetable overload for dinner with steamed broccoli, zucchini a la mom's recipe, and portion of fresh egg noodle pasta. So healthy!-- don't worry there is ice cream in the house.
In bird news: this little kook was all over me again today. I was able to hold her upside down in my palm, then on her side while she continued to nibble on the bird necklace I wear. She did not want to go back to her cage when I offered, so I had her and the V together taking turns petting them. I don't know how to articulate this, but I always feel so fortunate when animals choose to come to me or stay with me.