Old post and a trip to Reykjavik

I just edited a really, really old post. Most of my readers haven't gone through much of my archives so I don't know what made me to do that. Speaking of old posts.. in June I had mentioned getting some concert footage posted of the Nátturá concert with Sigur Rós and Björk
but YouTube warns about posting stuff like that so I don't know- maybe I'll play it safe and just show some photos I took of the webcast instead.

The venue: Botanical Garden on Laugavegur
Sigur Rós. Lead vocalist Jón Thor Birgisson

The guys in white are members of a marching band

Makes for an eerie, interesting sound

Björk at right joins Sigur Rós
Björk caught in a cross fade

I took so many pictures of Björk but she was always a blur of motion, or she had her eyes closed and mouth wide open. She might approve of this one.
Sigur Rós means Victory Rose in Icelandic.


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