He leaves today to sail the world alone

Wow, can you imagine this? I wonder: how many people told him he was crazy? How many people said he has a death wish? Blah, blah, blah, on all the negative, bad, dangerous, evil, things and people out there who can hurt him. What if, what if, what if??

I am so happy for him that he is doing this that I've sent him a donation. He has the support of his parents, he has a skill set from living on board a sail boat from an early age. His father is a shipwright, both parents are in the sailing industry. They know what they are getting into and have taken all the precautions to make his boat safe and operable by a solo sailor.

Isn't it just wonderful that he hasn't been held back by other people's fears and is doing what he has always dreamed of?

I will be checking his blog frequently. He is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to me.

Service, nice treatment, and groovy lighting

I recently flew Virgin America to California and back.. and let me tell you VA will be getting all my business from now on. Do you see that United? You have been upstaged, out performed, by an airline that does more to serve the customer. They have better food, better service, nicer seats, friendlier crew, AND THEY CHARGE LESS!! Two of us flew in first class for less than the price of 2 full fare seats in coach on United. Feast your eyes on the cozyness of the first class cabin. I should have taken photographs of the tasty meal and hors d'oeuvres.. but I got self-conscious and didn't get my camera out.

There is good information about Virgin America's entertainment system here.

I know that I'm late in discovering what others have been experiencing on Virgin America for quite awhile now; oh well... better late than never.