Head rubs bring out a smile in everyone, even little macaws.

All is well

This little goldfinch hit my window this morning and ended up in a crumpled heap on the deck. I picked her up and she got cozy in the palm of my hand. The very tip of her upper mandible took the hit, but she will be okay.

Ready to go back outside.

I spy

Like father like daughter? Maybe.

On the left is my dad's old sketchbook. I took it out to look at his drawings and get inspired. I really like his flowery drawings and this one became the inspiration for some of my recent doodles. He liked to use the smelly, alcohol based markers, and they were so fluid that they would soak through two pages in his sketchbook. Often he would make drawings on the inkblots that bled through evolving one drawing into a series, or making a different doodle on each page.

I think I will fill this page up then see where the muse takes me.

The changes to this painting

Wadda you think

Pirate for Halloween this year?


I borrowed the cake pics from here but here is the official web site:
Pink Cake Box