.. the antitote for civilization.

As soon as I find an acorn cap to make as my house I'm going to shrink myself down and live here for awhile. I'll also shrink some extra clothes and sketchbooks and pencils. Yeah.

I see this older chap in my store from time to time. I found out he's a painter and works from life only...landscapes. It's been 27 degrees with winds gusting into 40 MPH range the past few days. Brrr!

I downloaded a Sudoku game for Nanette yesterday. I know, sad and geeky but I thought it might be a good way to unwind after work instead of being glued to my laptop till 4:00 AM. The graphics in the game are nice.. well the screen resolution on the nano is great, so no surprises there.

This was under the lid of the sour cream I bought last night.