Hi Guys

I'm back in Flatland after visiting my mum in California. I had a nice Christmas and quiet New Year's eve. How 'bout you? I took some pictures that I haven't downloaded yet, so sit tight and think about your diet resolutions for the coming year while you wait. ☺ I'll be back soon with the photographic update
As I mentioned above, I went to Mexico California to visit my mum for Christmas.
The weather on Christmas day started out rainy, but as you see the sky cleared up and the weather was really beautiful for the remainder of my stay.

Here is our mini Christmas tree
When I was a kid my grandmother would send us several Santons De Provence each Christmas. We would get different people every time until the entire village was recreated. My mum arranges the hand painted ceramic figures around the base of the tree.

And speaking of my mum.. here she is! Well only part of her since she is in the witness protection program No. her green card expired No. I just thought it'd be funny. The invisible mum sure can cook though..
here she is rustling up some Cornish hens. They are stunt hens - no actual hens were hurt in the making of this blog post.

Delicious!! I mean that fake food really looks good doesn't it? Just like going to little Tokyo and seeing the imitation food in the restaurant windows.
I bet Cooking Mama is fun, but I have the real thing- and that is waaay better than what you get with the Wii. Here we have a breakfast for dinner on mom's nice Portmerion dinnerware.

When I wasn't eating or cooking, or eating or cooking, I would play with my DS. I got the Brain Challenge game, and the relaxation section has a koi pond where one can play with the fish. The fish follow the stylus and you hear blurbling water sounds as the stylus moves. I needed more stimulation...

I preferred to go to the creativity section to doodle. I can draw my own fish here if I want.
I really am an extraordinary artist don't you agree?
Then I'd go challenge myself at maths or logic games and be reminded that I am an extraordinary dunce at math. Here my "coach" is telling me I've done a good job. Thanks! I'm still earning a C or worse. Just like grade school all over again. Sigh. Sigh. Siiiigh!
Mom got a blooming tea for Christmas. Here is one of the teas we tried. It was a very pretty flower when it expanded and tasted like green tea.
We didn't spend all our time sitting on the couch playing with the DS or cooking and eating. Occasionally we would get out and take walks to the post office or grocery store. Sometimes I would go out and take some pictures like I did here on my way back from taking out the trash.

And from our walks around the neighborhood...
One house we pass on our walks has lots of garden gnomes all around the front yard. The owner takes time to pose them very carefully based on what they are holding in their hands. This one was my favorite -obviously he is the lookout for the rest of the group.
New Year's Day! You can't be a few miles away from the rose parade and not tune into to watch it! Poor picture unfortunately, but a really pretty float.