The ice under the covers

See that picture? Every time I get into bed, my bare feet feel like that arctic cold you are looking at!

I need a hot water bottle to cause some localized thawing in the Southern hemisphere of my bed.

Good night.
~Lavada Chilblain

This photo courtesy of the extreme temperature loving folks on the USCGC Healey icebreaker. Taken Aug 12, 2005 and can be found at arctic noaa brrrrrr!

What is your calling?

You are what you Quizilla aren't you? Darn close to hitting the bullseye with this one. Although I thought that the What is Your Secret Name? quiz wasn't quite feeling me. I mean really..."Lavada?" The image of a bar of soap came to mind. Anyway, the What is Your Calling had an interesting blurb beneath the photograph (shown above) and it went something like this:

Art, It is all in art. You want to express yourself through art. You have a hard time expressing yourself otherwise. You probably re-invent yourself many a time over. You are very talented though, in the art category. You seem aloof at times or the weird type, but really you could not be a more complicated soul.

Pros: Your creativity is at an enormous high, and others envy that.

Cons: You can get ignorant at times because of your work, making people doubt your loyalty. But otherwise, you are a right and true friend.

My response:
Yes, somewhat. Yes sometimes very much. Well.. um.. I do have trouble being articulate from time to time. Yes I think I have. I've been told I am, but don't always believe it. I've been told this too, especially the weird part. I think we are all complicated souls and I am no more special or complicated than anyone else.

I'm not so sure about this. Ditto.

I get so caught up in what I am doing that I forget everything and everyone else? I do but it isn't intentional at all. My loyalty is steadfast, and you are right on.

Thanks for reading.