What is your calling?

You are what you Quizilla aren't you? Darn close to hitting the bullseye with this one. Although I thought that the What is Your Secret Name? quiz wasn't quite feeling me. I mean really..."Lavada?" The image of a bar of soap came to mind. Anyway, the What is Your Calling had an interesting blurb beneath the photograph (shown above) and it went something like this:

Art, It is all in art. You want to express yourself through art. You have a hard time expressing yourself otherwise. You probably re-invent yourself many a time over. You are very talented though, in the art category. You seem aloof at times or the weird type, but really you could not be a more complicated soul.

Pros: Your creativity is at an enormous high, and others envy that.

Cons: You can get ignorant at times because of your work, making people doubt your loyalty. But otherwise, you are a right and true friend.

My response:
Yes, somewhat. Yes sometimes very much. Well.. um.. I do have trouble being articulate from time to time. Yes I think I have. I've been told I am, but don't always believe it. I've been told this too, especially the weird part. I think we are all complicated souls and I am no more special or complicated than anyone else.

I'm not so sure about this. Ditto.

I get so caught up in what I am doing that I forget everything and everyone else? I do but it isn't intentional at all. My loyalty is steadfast, and you are right on.

Thanks for reading.

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RockO said...

My name is Layla according to that quiz...but if I were to give myself a secret name it would be a Athena....but Layla huh....i have to get used to it.

and for the record, I don't think you are wierd at all...and I appreciate your loyalty on buzznet and on the blogs. :)