A rise in popularity

My email address has gotten out beyond the bubble of safety known as my address book. This probably started when my friend who has a PC included me in some huge mailing regarding a Parelli event, and one of her recipients added me to their diseased address book in hopes of sending me notices of Natural horsemanship events taking place in my area.

Email from last week:

From: Scott Green - Subject: For his lordship with their own. So somewhat the inter...
From: Aaron Frye - Subject: circumstantial blurry deceitful
From: Lucia Fish - Subject: bates deceive collard
From: Glenn C. James - Subject: Bigger
From: Aron Hardy - Subject: cutlet deuce clove
From: Stefanie Rivera - Subject: bellboy banach anecdote
From: Henrietta Petty - Subject: aside brunch clam

Here is a short blurb composed from the subject lines of the now deleted emails:

Aside from trying to kill his lordship, the deceitful bellboy and his blurry eyed clam cooker Bates decided that brunch consisting of collard, clove, and cutlet would be the appropriate culinary anecdote in avoiding circumstantial evidence brought on by the bigger deuce of the court.

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