You can't stop it

I don't like the change. My internal thermostat isn't following along with the shorter days. It does not know that the highs tomorrow will be 57 degrees Fahrenheit. At night I shiver in bed under a polar fleece blanket and down comforters, wearing socks and spectacularly non-sexy but cleverly decorated flannel pajamas - breakfast motif on my shirt, and numbered sheep jumping fences on the bottoms.

One would think that I'd suffer from insomnia caused by my pajama outfit decorated with toasters, bagels, coffee pots, and sheep but that's not the case. So there I am all decked out in flannel ready to sleep and I can't. I'm cold... cooooolllddd I tell you. It's not time to use the heater just yet, so I will have to make do with the layering system I've developed and perhaps consider wearing a polar fleece cap.

I felt so at home in Iceland.



RockO said...

Well...there are a few good things about chocolate for one!!! ...excuses to stay inside and rent movies and read books....excuses to wear your totally unsexy flannels....I have them too....and the excuse to eat more cause you get to wear more sweatshirts! :D

Mallow said...

All true except the "eating more"? I'm trying to "un-bulk" thank you very much. :P
You just carry on and gorge on those euro-yummies if you want. I bet there will be some good ones come Christmas time, right? :)