Mission accomplished

60 City 51 Highway. No soldiers per gallon.

To President Arbusto: When it comes time to fill up my very economical and reliable Toyota Prius you can rest assured that I will be doing my best to find a Citgo gas station to make my purchase. Not one, pardon the pun, bloody penny will be going to the Middle East. And while I wait for cleaner diesel for my unreliable, American made pick up truck I will be participating in a campaign that will help build renewable energy sources.


RockO said...

you rock!
way to go....if i was buying a new car i would be inspired to do the same.

Mallow said...

Thanks! It's been fun to drive, and I'm getting in the mid to high 40 MPGs! I think I can probably take it close to 600 miles before I need to fill up :)