I have more photographs to post from today but it's 3:20 A.M., I've had 6 hours of sleep -and for some reason I am still awake! I need to get away from the computer NOW.

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gledwood said...

Awwwwhh!! That is a lovely lookin' cat you got there! & woww!! You got snow in winter//?? What kinda freaky conditions caused that. I'm sorry but I live in England (London) we had snow last week or so & it was the biggest occasion because in this globally warming age how often does it happen here basically hardly ever. Aparently about 300 years ago the river used to freeze over for weeks on end. Cannot imagine THAT happening now!!

I found you on a bloghopping expedition. It's something I do to unwind. I love looking at other people's foto collections especially! If you want to visit me I'm at gledwood2.blogspot.com. You're most welcome to drop by if you like but it is a very different blog from yours.

All the Best now