Here he comes again

What a nice day to sit in the pasture and sketch. Ah, but who is this moving in on my space? Why it's Desperado the affection sponge.What do I have in my lap, and is it anything to play with? No, sorry Despe.. nothing here but some scratching and petting. I repeatedly porcupine him back a few steps to keep him a friendly distance away from me, and offer my savvy string for him to chew on, which he slurps up like a strand of spaghetti then spits out.

Finding my sketchbook and savvy string an unsatisfying thing to nibble on, "D" goes for my neck and hair. Aargh!

Meanwhile, Aristoitle and Chiquita (in background) watch from a POLITE distance. Did you see that Desperado? ... a POLITE distance.
It occurred to me that maybe this wasn't the best time to sketch, and that this horse has a sense of humor.

He dozed off right behind me, with his muzzle lightly touching my back.

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poopee shmoopee said...

cutest. picture. of a person and a horse. EVER!