Oh the nerve

What should I see this afternoon as I pull out onto my street but a brand new orange and black 1200 N! Tell me this.. is fate so cruel and heartless that it would repeatedly place forbidden objects of my desire before me? I think not. Probably the universe heard me thinking about going to the H-D dealership and looking at these bikes in person and decided to save me a trip ( at least for today).
Maybe I should compose a request: Dear Universe, I would still like to have a full color brochure of the 1200 Nightster, so that I can plaster the walls of my bedroom, office and refrigerator with its bad-ass likeness. Thank you.

Continuing on...
If I'd had the opportunity to make a safe U turn I would have done so and followed stalked this lucky WOMAN rider down the road until she got to her destination, then I would have asked a hundred questions about her new hawg, afterwords I would have gotten all sad looking, like those waif children with huge, tear filled eyes you see on cheap velvet paintings. Perhaps she would have taken pity on me and let me sit on her new motorcycle, or offered me a glass of lemon-aid or something. You never know, it could have happened.

Now before I get railed on by friends, family, husband and mother for daydreaming about owning a moto.. because it is apparently suicidally unsafe to ride one -let me just remind all of you that I spent an entire year riding around on this, unbalanced, underpowered, neither bike nor mo-ped contraption called a SOLEX. Yes, a year on a Solex in the South of France. I was 26 years less mature or responsible than I am today, and I was riding through traffic rotaries, in the dark, in the rain on cobblestone streets, during the Mistral, and in good weather. I didn't have a helmet, I didn't have any protective clothing other than a parka and long pants. I'm not even going to go into the other riding events where I wore ridiculously little clothing -not a shred of it protective.

So. Don't. Start.

Solex Photo from Velocruz.com / Harley pic from H.D.

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