To have free time is to have a gift. To have good health is to have a gift. I frequently squander my hard earned free time which makes me feel bad. I also feel bad waking up with swollen hands, sore wrists and forearms and not wanting to do anything with my day off except to go back to bed.

What a waste to lay there doing nothing except look out the window and watch the shadows wrap around the trees as the sun tracks across the sky. To doze off and wake up repeatedly and notice the changing light... sometimes it's cozy knowing I don't have to rush off anywhere, I don't have anything pressing to do and it is cold outside and I'm warm in bed with the dog near me on his own bed. He's a good sleeping companion, always up for a nap.

I tell myself I need to rest, catch up on sleep, to get well from the lingering cough I have from my last cold. But then I watch the day slip by, or wake up from a strange mishmash of dreams and wonder if it was worth it?

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