Hi there I'm back. Thanks to those few readers who return to my blog to read my mumbo jumbo over the many months.

I haven't felt like writing much since I put my sweet dog to sleep. He was struggling and very sick. It was time to say good bye. In 3 days it will be a month that he is gone. I still catch myself thinking that I need to get home from someplace so that I can let him out and feed him dinner, then I remember that there is no pup waiting for me by the back door.

I've been off work due to a repetitive motion injury. Its been nice being home so much. I have also been out to see the horse a lot more than when I was working. He isn't looking so hot these days.. I think it is a combination of shedding out the winter coat, and the poor hay that he has been getting that make him look so bad. Everyone is having trouble getting hay due to last summer's drought. When people finally do find hay they buy it- fingers crossed that it is still nutritious.

I'm giving my horse vitamins and supplementing the hay that the barn supplies with additional chopped forage that I'm picking up at the feed store. This should help. He also needs to exercise because he is loosing all muscle tone. Poor guy.

Wow, so this is really an upbeat post! I'm gimpy, my dog is in heaven, and my horse looks ragged.

Here is one of my visiting Chickadees.. he is enjoying the meal worm buffet :)

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