Here's how I look today..

...Not much different than yesterday! I manage to maintain a high level of cuteness no matter what day of the week it is though. Oh yeah! Good news!! I will be getting my own blog page, so stay tuned for that in the next few days (hopefully sooner).
I was biting my human today and pinched her hard, but she didn't flinch or say anything about it, so I stopped! I guess it's not worth doing if I don't get a reaction. Still, I am having a difficult time getting used to being stroked on my body even though she is very gentle and only uses one finger to pet me; I still need to squawk my opinion. I hear I'm getting a flight suit... what ever that is. I overheard that the suit will be delivered tomorrow or Friday.

Here is one of my friends. She is worried about the cell phone taking her picture, and that is why she is looking stretched out and thin. We birds have lots of things to get used to when living around people.

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