Green on green with beans

I've tried something new with the V today. This morning for breakfast she got a serving of Bean Supreme.. a mix of beans, grains, nuts, and raisins. You add boiling water to the mixture and let it steep, then drain off excess water and let it cool before serving. I also added some cooked carrot from the mega vegetable soup from last night as well as some pieces of fresh kale and broccoli. She is such a good eater! Sometimes all it takes to get her interested in her food is changing the location of the bowl!

I moved her up to the play gym of her cage and put the bowl up there too. After looking down at the food for awhile she climbed off the perch and sat on the edge of the cage and tried her new food.

Here is a broccoli eating action shot with a heavy dose of 'art sauce' applied to the background using photoshop. Groovy man, groovy.

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