Wet bird

How does that saying go.. angrier than a wet hen? She wasn't angry, but I'm not sure she liked her spray shower initially so I didn't push it. She was okay sitting by the window and preening later on though.
She is finally getting used to the cameras I keep sticking in her face too, poor bird. I won't use the flash because I'm sure it's very uncomfortable for her eyes. She definitely has moments when she does not want to be petted- an odd characteristic for me to get used to when I think about how snugly my cockatoo was. When V is uncovered in the mornings she is very social and chirpy, even pacing the floor of her cage to be let out. This is the time she really likes her head rubbed, although tonight she was quite affectionate and let me rub her head and chin for awhile before settling down for the night.

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