Don't do crock

Crocs... they're ugly on me and ugly on you too Steve-o. Ugly, ugly, ugly.
They are comfortable though, I'll give 'em that much.. but uglyyyyyyyy!

Sorry doods I didn't take this picture and I'm unable to give proper attribution.


poopee shmoopee said...

jeebus. what a fogey.

Mallow said...

I know! Blargh!!

Mary said...

I just cannot bring myself to wear them.

I was volunteering at a 50K race a few weeks back and one of the participants running the race had crocs on. One yellow and one green. I was perplexed. I just can't imagine they're more comfortable than running shoes.

But what do I know since I've never tried them?

I'm finally caught up on your blog -- sorry for all of the late comments!!!

Mallow said...

Mary: I held off on buying them until I slipped into a pair my husband has been wearing. They are so squishy comfortable, especially if you spend lots of time on your feet on hard surfaces. I don't think I'd run a race in them though.