Far from finished. This is the camera from the picture in the previous post. Done in the similar style to Raymi's painting although I'm not sure since I have never asked her how she works. Mostly I want to say that she inspired me to try painting. I like her style. She seems to go for it without too much fussing or sketching-- again I don't know if this is true or not since I've never asked, but in any case watching her paint made me ask myself "what the hell am I so hung up about?" Click the link below to see her chair painting. Click on her name above to go to her main blog page.

Raymi's chair


raymi lauren said...

i really like that

oh and if you remove the '#links' thing from the url you linked it will start from the top of the page.

Mallow said...

Thanks Raymi.

link fixed- thanks for the tip.