And now... The Dude

Last year I wrote about this sweet pinto warmblood that my friend K and I dubbed "lil' dude". I posted two pictures here along with a short blurb about how I fell in love with those long eyelashes, and cute face. One year later I took the second photo. Later today, 4-27-07 I am meeting my friend K and going to see "the lil' dude." I took my lead rope and halter home with me so that I can play with him while K plays with the other foals on the farm. After all this time "the dude" hasn't sold... I don't know why.. but shhh, maybe it's happening so that I will end up with him. K has been telling me "you should buy him" since I met him August of 2005!! "You should buy him, you should buy him." Meanwhile his price tag continues to grow higher as his owner is paying for board, farrier, and health care. Oh my little nugget horsey... I don't know what will happen.. I only know that if it is meant to be it will be.☺☺☺

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Rosie said...

He's a real beauty! I'm surprised someone hasn't snatched him up....he's very showy!