Reliving the Best Saturday Ever

Saturday November 19th, 2005 is known to my friend K and I as the best Saturday ever. We STILL talk about that day and reminisce about the entire two weeks we spent at the Parelli ISC in Florida. Since we didn't have class on the weekends we were free to do whatever we wanted after feeding our horses and cleaning their pens. Rather than going sight seeing and exploring Ocala and its environs, K and I decided to stay with our horses and take full advantage of the facility. We took walks, lazed about on the grass while the horses grazed, and played in all the beautiful pastures and play areas from one end of the campus to the other. K and 'Rocky' ended up playing in the pond at one point, while 'Aristoitle' and I stayed dry and explored the log maze, car wash (two large vertical poles with a horizontal cross beam from which hang large, plastic strips that one can walk through), and small log jumps.

Stay tuned for more pictures from the Best Saturday Ever.
[middle and last photographs taken by KM]


Rosie said...

I remember when you were going to that. Ocala is one of my favorite areas of Fla. There are still very rural areas there.

Mallow said...

It really is a nice area. The horse farms near the Parelli center were simply DELUXE!