Celebrating with Apples

Don't adjust your monitors or get your eyeglasses.. these pictures are blurry. Aristoitle had a low key celebration which included a nice grooming session, massage, pedicure, and we shared several apples.
Here he is looking at me with that sideways glance because I've just reached into my pocket, and that nearly always means something tasty is on the way.

Operating the camera and feeding a horse who plunges in for the apple on my hand at the same time isn't an easy task, I tried a few times to capture the moment of the bite..

strike one

Steeerike two..

Strike three... but I got a good nose shot which I thought was a keeper.

That's it for the low quality photographs. I was pretty busy getting dirty with the grooming and trimming and all, so I didn't take out my camera except for the apple shots.

I am always pleasantly surprised by the way the horses interact with me when I come to see them. If you have read my long post about the company I keep you know I try to spend as much time hanging around with the other horses as well as with my own. The mare in the field is at the top of the hierarchy, followed by Aristoitle, and Desperado. When I step into the picture I assume the top position and keep the mare away from Aristoitle and keep Aristoitle away from Desperado if he happens to come up beside me. Imagine two horses standing facing one another with me in the middle petting one then the other. Sometimes the third horse comes into the picture and now there is a circle of three noses facing into the circle and I am at the center - keeping everyone a polite distance apart. The minute I step away they are making cut-eye looks at one another and rearranging the herd structure back to where it belongs when I'm not there.

I think my relationship has come to the point where I can trust the mare and Aristoitle if I want to sit on the ground near them while they graze. Desperado can get a little frantic if the mare chases him off and I worry about him running over me. Aristoitle always knows what's going on around him in that hyper vigilant sort of way, and the mare just knows. There is nothing quite as nice as having a horse come over while you are sitting on the ground and lick your forehead.

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