Memory Eternal

In November 2006 construction of a small chapel was finished and dedicated to the thousands of people who died during the Red Terror 1920- 1921. So many people were murdered that the streets ran red with blood. My great-great grandmother is buried here in the forest. The dedication and consecration of the chapel was Saturday November 11th 2006

Here is the chapel. It is located in Bagreevka, Yalta.

"In this place rest approximately one thousand people victims of the Red Terror years 1920 and 1921 Princess Nadegda Alexandrovna Baryatinskaya, nee Stenbok-Fermor 31st July 1846, General Ivan Sergeivich Maltzoff born 1st February 1846, Irina Vladimrovna Maltzoff, born Princess Baryatinskaya 18th February 1880, Captain Lieutenant Sergei Ivanovich Maltzoff, born 17th February 1876. ALL WERE KILLED HERE TOGETHER 22ND DECEMBER 1920"

The depression in the forest floor to the left of the cross is the site where my family was shot and buried.


Rosie said...

That's pretty powerful stuff. You've been there?

RockO said...

wow did you find out about this? that's pretty amazing.

Mallow said...

Rosie- I probably should have answered you here instead of at your page.. my mom was able to go to Yalta. Unfortunately I missed out.

Rocko- my mom's cousin was the person who thought to have the chapel built.. and thanks to his perseverance it got done with minimal red tape, etc. There were lots of problems to work out- some of which were as basic as what building materials to use so that the chapel wouldn't be looted for things like its copper roof, for example. Finally different building and roofing materials were found which everyone agreed to and the chapel was finished.