I'm not Goth, I'm sloth

New nail color called Pat On The Black. It looks nearly black but up close you can see a hint of deep wine purple. By the time I try on something that, for me is a new thing, everyone else is done with it and has moved on to something else. In this regard I'm always behind the fashion but in my own way looking unique at the same time without trying! Sloth not goth.

The cap is finito. It looks absolutely awful on me. It would probably help if I had more hair sticking out from underneath it like the girls in the pictures do. But eh. I'll make a different version and try a different stitch... I have all summer to make a cap I like, right? In the mean time this one will go into the Mallow museum of forgotten handmade artifacts.
I've made another flower. I like the repetitive aspect of making crocheted stuff. I don't know what I'll do with the flowers. Anyone want to buy them? Etsy here I come? Stay tuned as more flowers and other crochet projects will make their debut here on Flatland.

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