She's on fa-ya

After two more undo and unravel sessions I have finally neared the end (and learned to read instructions!). Today I went out to get some red yarn for the scalloped border but didn't find any yarn I liked.. so I guess she'll stay all green till the end.

Here is my first flower.. awww.

Gettin' all fancy on the second one. Like I know what I'm doing.. ahahahahahahaha. Right.

Some glass beads I got today. Made in china unfortunately -I know, but I couldn't resist them. I also bought some suede like green yarn, and a multicolor orange yarn that fades from light orange to a brighter salmon color. The yarn for the petals on the second flower are similar to this orange one, so when you work with it you get that changing mottled colorful look.
Then I spotted this amazing book of Kathryn Alexander's wow! Such cool colorful scarves and sweater projects in this book.. but check out her website for some cool hats and socks too! Here is a taste from her webpage.


poopee shmoopee said...

OMG her yarn is delicious! yarn is one of my vices. i used to have a whole trunkload, but now it's been reduced to a garbage bag.

Mallow said...

I'm glad you checked her web page- I knew you'd like her stuff! :)

poopee shmoopee said...

i should probably actually USE IT. sigh. going to figure out how to get more yarn into my artwork.