Constructive fidgeting

I guess I've found an outlet for my nervous energy- or whatever you want to call it.. instead of twiddling my thumbs in the car I tried crochet. Guess what? It works!

I started another cap out of this white lambswool/ acrylic blend. I used two different size hooks for the cap and the edge was made using a 3rd hook. First, the cap: the crown of the cap is really a loose weave- so much so that I think I will felt it to give it a more solid look/ texture.
The middle part to the end is tighter looking and I may leave it un-felted. The bottom edge is an experiment made with a cotton crochet thread.

Just about to close the border here, and the purple needle has the beginning loose tail where I added the orange thread when I started the scalloped edge. I tied a loop with the needle and left it about the same size as my crochet stitches.

I combined the beginning loop with the last two stitches of my ending border stitch. This is the last loop that I pulled through and made the knot with. Exciting!
Like watching ice melt.

Oh hi! Here it is. It fits, and I just may go out in public with it.
During the multiple-self-portrait-with-crochet-hat photo shoot, the EVIL squirrel empire was plotting against me again!!

Look.. caught in the act! This was try number 2. Try #3 is the orange line marking the trajectory that a squirrel body flew through the air -THREE feet away from the bird feeder, and from a standstill. It jumped. And missed. Ha!
What isn't clear in this picture is that the bottom of the feeder on the left side is about 4 1/2 feet off the ground- so that was quite a jump! Score: Me-2, Squirrel- 1.

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