Feltsky shmeltsky

The test flower did not want to felt no matter how hot the water got and how much rubbing I did. THEN after all that agitating and becoming agitated I stumbled upon the label from that skein of stubborn yarn. It turns out that it is mostly acrylic- like 85% and the rest is wool. The label also states that the yarn is machine washable. I. AM. A. GENIUS!

I did get some really nice purple yarn made of 85% lambs wool, 15% mohair which does felt nicely. Since I cannot get a good photograph of this yarn's delicious purpleness you will have to believe me when I say it is a very rich purple.. "Regal Purple" is what it's called. It will make the perfect body for Moobar. Moobar will be introduced to you next time since this computer has zero space for anymore photos. :(

Ciao for now.

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