Flatland goes flat

Painting in Flatland doesn't happen very often, but recently I've been wanting to do something creative and painting kept coming to mind. Some techniques I've seen recently have inspired me to just do it.
Painting at midnight, episode 1:

Painting at midnight, episode 2:
I want to doodle with the paintbrush loaded with red paint on a wet canvas primed with a medium.

I didn't like the result so I managed some fancy erasing and started again. This time doodling with the paint straight from the tube.
Erasing some more, but this time I add color and continue erasing.
The secret weapon... shh.

I like how it looks at this point, and it gave me an idea for another set of canvas after seeing it next to the episode 1 piece. The gold paint in both paintings is very bright and sparkly without appearing like glitter. For some reason I had the James Bond Gold Fingggaaaarrrr sound track going through my mind when I used it.. I can't imagine why.

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Anonymous said...

I love the paint at midnight-episode 1. Looks like people waiting for a cruise ship. Aaaah.